A few days ago marked the one year anniversary of Brittany (@TragicBSBDreams) passing due to cyber bullying.

Bullying is never a good thing. Even though you may feel like there is nothing to live for or what is the point of going on, just remember that you are worth it to live. You are just as important as the next person even if you feel like you are not. Even if you can’t turn to anybody, you can. You can turn to your parents, teachers, friends, or relatives. You can look to God or whatever higher power your religion believes. There are also hotlines, counselors and others that can help you. Just stay strong and surround yourself with love and people who love you. There is always something worth living for.

Here is a song “Madeline” from the upcoming album In A World Like This that is in a way dedicated to Brittany. Its about bullying. I think AJ explains it better …

Here you can hear the song preview better…

Here is a link that list alot of numbers & websites for a variety of issues. If you ever need them please use it!


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  1. I just published a book about bullying to self empowerment. It is about finding your inner spirit and using your experiences for growth. Please read an excerpt and I would be honored to hear what you think!

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